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Policy Forum

The Policy Forum is a NIHP activity whose members consist of the healthcare sector leadership. Meeting periodically, the forum discusses current relevant issues pertaining to health policy decisions and actions. Experts are invited to the forum according to the relevant topic. The meetings are in Hebrew.


List of Previous Meetings:

November 2015 Competition and Cooperation Between the Israeli Health Funds
February 2015 Election 2015 Debate, Choosing Health
  January 2013 Election 2013 Debate, Choosing Health
   February 2011  Israel's 4 HMOs ("Sick Funds") – Structure, Regulation and Governance
April 2010 Dental Health for All? When? How? At What Expense?

February 2006   Budgeting in the Health System - Centralization versus Decentralization
November 2005 Issues in the System of Updating the Basket of Covered Medications 
January 2005  Protection of Patented Medications in Israel - Why and to What Extent?
November 2004    A Fifth Health Insurance?
June 2004  The Reform of Mental Health - a Glance Mid-Way
March 2004 In What Manner Will we Support the Financial Considerations of Doctors
January 2004 The Ideal and the Reality in Quality Food Control and its Reliability  
June 2003 A Shortage of Doctors in Israel - Is this in Fact the Case?
March 2003   The Connection between Doctors and Drug Companies

January 2003 
Protecting the Quality of the Health System - A Managerial Challenge
December 2002 The Amorai Committee Report

October 2002 
Clalit Health Services as a Test of the Law of Government Health Insurance

June 2002
Increased Healthcare Spending in the United States  
March 2002   Widening the National Medical Services in Israel
January 2002  The Treatment of the Medical Negligence Issue in Israel
March 1998 The Original Allocations between the Health Insurance Companies
January 1998   Surplus of Doctors
November 1997 Ramifications of the Proposed Law of Organization in the Economy on the Continuation of the Reform Process in the Health System
June 1997 The Complementary Insurance and Private Health Services in the Health System in Israel