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About the Institute

The Israel National Institute for Health Policy Research (NIHP) is an independent organization, whose goals are:


To act as a forum and meeting place for professional and public discussions about

the organization, management and health policy in Israel. 

To promote and fund research of the economics, quality of services and decision-making

processes in the health system.

To encourage interdisciplinary scientific cooperation on the national level between all players,

academic and managerial, whose interest is the promotion of the Israeli health system.

To follow and assess the influence of the National Health Insurance Law on the health services

in Israel, their quality, effectiveness and cost.

Section 52 (2) of The National Health Insurance Law (1994) established a Health Council whose functions include (among others) supervision over the implementation of the law, management of research, surveys and professional expert opinion carried out by an institute selected by the Minister. In June 1995, the Health Council selected the Israel National Institute for Health Policy Research to fulfill these tasks with the Minister of Health's recommendation.

The NIHP gathers together researchers, managers and policy makers from the different sectors of the health arena: the Ministry of Health, HMOs, hospitals, universities and research institutes. A vast range of participants are involved in the research and other activities conducted by the NIHP. Physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other health professionals meet together regularly with health managers, economists, social scientists, insurers, legislators and government officials.